Kylerhea ferry

From 14th December 2015
Craig Glenwright - Chair
Mike Taylor - Secretary
To be confirmed - Treasurer
Caroline Clouston
Campbell Patterson
Danielle Stewart


Defibrillator Donations received from local businesses:

BRD 90 - Helen Bruce
Seaprobe Atlantis Ltd
SN Business Services
Harry's Coffee Shop
Prosperity Shellfish
Agustin B&B
The Village Shop
Village Shop Customers
King Haakon Customers
Bee Bonnie Beauty Salon, Kyle

Defibrillator Donations
received from

Agnes MacRae
Etta MacLennan
Robert & Ann Danskin
Caroline Clouston
Neil & Catherine Grant
Mrs C Wilson
Mr & Mrs J A Morrison
J H Davies

Kyleakin and Kylerhea Community Council Minutes

The minutes of the Kyleakin and Kylerhea Community Council meetings (including the AGM) are listed below. Please click on a link to open the minutes.

If you would like a copy of previous minutes, please send an email to:

Minutes for 12th December 2016.

Minutes for 10th October 2016.

Minutes for 8th August 2016.

Minutes for 13th June 2016.

Minutes for 11th April 2016.

Minutes for 8th February 2016.

Minutes for 14th December 2015.

Inaugural Minutes for 14th December 2015.

Minutes for 12th October 2015.

Minutes for 10th August 2015.

2014 - 2015 - Annual Accounts.

Minutes for 8th June 2015.

Minutes for 13th April 2015.

Minutes for 9th February 2015.