Castle Moil

From 14th December 2015
Craig Glenwright - Chair
Mike Taylor - Secretary
To be confirmed - Treasurer
Caroline Clouston
Campbell Patterson
Danielle Stewart


Defibrillator Donations received from local businesses:

BRD 90 - Helen Bruce
Seaprobe Atlantis Ltd
SN Business Services
Harry's Coffee Shop
Prosperity Shellfish
Agustin B&B
The Village Shop
Village Shop Customers
King Haakon Customers
Bee Bonnie Beauty Salon, Kyle

Defibrillator Donations
received from

Agnes MacRae
Etta MacLennan
Robert & Ann Danskin
Caroline Clouston
Neil & Catherine Grant
Mrs C Wilson
Mr & Mrs J A Morrison
J H Davies

Kyleakin and Kylerhea Community Council

The next Community Council Meeting and AGM will be held on Monday 12th June 2017, at Kyleakin Connections Day Centre at 7.30 pm (please use the side door if attending). All members of the community are invited to attend - the minutes of previous meetings are available on the website.
Dates for future meetings are:
Monday 14th August 2017

The Scottish Government have developed a website to raise awareness of Community Councils amongst the general public; provide information on the role of a Community Councillor to potential candidates; support new Community Councils/Councillors to access information to help in their work and support Community Councils with good practice case studies.

For further information, please visit the Community Council Website

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Kyleakin and Kylerhea Community Council took place on Monday 13th June 2016 at 7.30 pm. All members of the community were invited to attend - the minutes will be available on the website in due course.

Minutes of Community Council meetings are also available for you to access online. If you would like a copy of minutes previous to these, please contact a member of the council.

Call for volunteers

As you may no doubt be aware, in 2016 one of the walls near the roundabout at the entrance to the village was damaged and is still to be repaired. Highland Council have advised that the repair is not their responsibility as it was thought that both walls were erected when the bridge was built. The Community Council do not have sufficient funds to arrange for a professional company to come in and repair the wall. We have, however, identified someone who can provide the expertise to reinstate the wall, providing we can get sufficient volunteers from the village to help. If this is something you are interested in helping with, please email the Community Council for further information. Without volunteers, it is unlikely that the wall will be reinstated in the near future.

Kyleakin Defibrillators

Kyleakin has two defibrillator provided by Lucky2BHere, located on the front outside wall of the Village Hall with the other one installed on the side wall of the Bright Water Centre on the Pier, close to the pontoons. There is also a defibrillator in Kylerhea.
If you want to find out where your nearest defibrillator is, download the Crowdsav App to your mobile phone - Crowdsav App Information


Defib 2Defib

The Screen Machine

To keep up to date of when the Screen Machine will be back in Kyleakin visit Scotlands Mobile Cinema

Marine Harvest visit to Norway

In December 2016 Niall Tasker (Kyle Community Council) and Danielle Stewart (Kyleakin and Kylerhea Community Council, visited the Marine Harvest fish feed plant in Valsneset, Bjugn, Norway and were shown around by Claes Jonermark, the Operations Director Bjugn.
This report and pictures has been compiled by Danielle with the aim of allaying a few of the concerns that some of the people living in Kyleakin and the surrounding areas may still have with regard to the building of this feed plant.
The village of Bjugn would appear to have no problem with the feed plant being located near to them. There are many community benefits too, which I think Kyleakin and surrounding areas could benefit from.
Instead of a number of local people being unable to work for almost 6 months a year due to places of work (i.e. B&B's, hotels and restaurants etc.), closing for winter or laying off staff, it should be possible for at least some of these to remain open creating all year-round jobs.
In addition to the increased use of local hotels and restaurants, the jobs created for engineers, cleaners, electricians etc., whilst not on a huge scale should help those families currently affected by seasonal work in that they would not have to struggle financially come winter time due to places closing.
Marine harvest also does a lot to help fund a variety of community projects or help with fund raising that has the potential to be a boost for the area. During the visit, we met a lot of really nice people who loved working for Marine Harvest as they were able to work around their family commitments. There were also a few Scottish lads living out there too. It was felt that Marine Harvest were very thoughtful and understanding employers in that they recognised that people have families and social lives so they try their best to help work around them too.
Looking at how Kyleakin and the surrounding areas are now, it is recognised that people are uncomfortable with changes, but the community, our community, our home, our village - Kyleakin needs to embrace this change to enable a better future for our children and their children and their future grandchildren - this is an opportunity not to be missed.
For further information, including pictures taken on site in Bjugn, please read Marine Harvest Visit..

If you would like more information on how the feed plant affected Bjugn, please read - Fish feed in Bjugn. To keep up to date with the progress of the proposed feed plant development at Allt Anavig quarry near Kyleakin, please visit Marine Harvest Feed Plant Public Information Website

Recycling Bins

If you have been looking for the glass recycling bins, they have been moved from the car park to the hard standing behind the hydro sub station (by the boat berthing area).

Bogus Tradesmen

Tackling doorstep crime is often reliant on support and information from the general public. Highland Council Trading Standards have produced an informative leaflet on Bogus Tradesmen in collaboration with Police Scotland Highlands and Islands Division. The leaflet provides guidance on how to deal with unannounced doorstep traders and contact details for reporting doorstep crimes.

Bogus Tradesmen Awareness Leaflet.

This guidance is important in keeping our communities safe and free from crime. Spreading awareness of the issue of doorstep crime is crucial, particularly as vulnerable adults in our community are a key target of Bogus Tradesmen. Doorstep crime can have a devastating impact, creating potentially serious consequences for the victims' health and future life.
If you are concerned for your safety, please contact the police on 101.

Lack of recycling facilities in south Skye

It has been highlighted that there is a lack of recycling facilities (similar to those in Portree) in south Skye, the aim is to find a system for recycling in South Skye, thereby helping to reduce the fly-tipping problem, which is on the increase. If you have any comments you wish to raise on this issue, please email Kyleakin and Kylerhea Community Council.

Ward Forum - Eilean a Cheo

The Forum meets regularly in public led by the Eilean a' Cheo' Councillors. Representatives of the Ward Community Councils, and partner agencies such as Police Scotland and Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, participate in the Forum.

Skye Bridge Email Alerts

For live ongoing updates follow BEAR Scotland on Twitter or at @NWTrunkRoads. For this option you will need to access and use Twitter.
Or you can send an email to with the subject line: A87 Skye Bridge High Wind Alerts - SUBSCRIBE TO A87 SKYE BRIDGE EMAIL LIST 20141207
With this option you will receive:
1. Emails advising of A87 Skye Bridge High Wind Alerts and Warnings
2. Emails to advise that of a Level 2 is ON / OFF - Closed and to High Sided Vehicles, and
3. Emails to advise that of a Level 3 is ON / OFF - Closed and to ALL VEHICLES & PEDESTRIANS
At present TEXT is not available.

Future of Land Reform in Scotland

Consultation on the Future of Land Reform in Scotland has been published by the Scottish Government. There is also a page on the Scottish Government website on land reform that links to the consultation.

NHS Highlands

Up to date information on the progress of the changes to health and social care services being proposed for local communities in Skye, Lochalsh and South West Ross can be found at NHS Highland.

Patient Transport Service - for information on how patients who need medical/clinical support can to get to/from their healthcare appointments please download the updated SAS Patient Transport Leaflet. Alternatively contact the Patient Participation Group (PPG) which is associated with the Broadford Health Centre Broadford PPG as they may be able to advise on patient transport.

Scottish Water

Scottish Water have launched a new campaign to promote how to correctly dispose of bathroom and kitchen waste for further information visit - Scottish Water